Our Specialized Programs


We offer four types of specialized services:  1] Tailor-made on-site Sign Language classes,  2] Deaf Awareness seminars and workshops at your location, 3] interpreter education, and 4] ASL translation (video-to-text or text-to-video). 


Sign Language Classes

Deaf Awareness Seminars and Workshops

ASL Interpreter Education and

Video Translation

Through our collaboration, we can offer on-site Sign Language courses by working with your training coordinator/center or human resources development office.  Your classes can be held at your building or any other place of your choice in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas; we will accommodate your choice of class schedule.  Our flair is developing task-oriented, tailored curriculum incorporating your agency-related terminology and communication situations.  Nearly all of our instructors are Deaf and native ASL users with years of experience in Sign Language education.  


This one-time seminar is great for any workplace that recently hired or plans to hire a new Deaf employee and where the other employees need to learn more about Deaf culture in general such as getting a Deaf person's attention properly and working effectively with Sign Language interpreters.  You can opt for a more intensive training such as mediation or improving teamwork between Deaf employees and their hearing co-workers when there may be recurring miscommunication or misconception about anything relating to deafness, Deaf culture, or American Sign Language.

If you are looking for an ASL expert to provide service for your specific needs, you have found us!  Below are what we can do for you:


  • Seminars and workshops for a group of professional or new interpreters seeking to improve their skills and increase their chance to pass ASL proficiency interview or interpreter certification exam.


  • Video transcription & translation services - Translating ASL in recorded video to text... or Prepared text or recorded voice translated into ASL in video for websites or public announcements in video.


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